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Our Story

From handmade dab tools to handcrafted cannabis products

Happy Daddy Gardens has always put quality first.Craftsmanship is engrained in every aspect of our business & we are proud to bring the best cannabis to the Oregon

market! We are the owners and growers at Happy Daddy Gardens. We are a Tier 1, all natural indoor garden, located in Beavercreek, OR.

We love Cannabis,and we work diligently on all aspects of our garden's growth. Our garden is a pest free, pesticide free environment. We focus on executing each stage of the growing process to exacting standards using all natural products. We use Dutch methods to maximize plant health, which we believe shows in our end product. This is what we love to do and we work hard to live and grow happy. We live our life happy because of your support!

Thank you!

Exotic strain hunters
In house genetics

We bring back original genetics and are constantly searching for the latest and greatest on the market! Unique terps are the future!

Plant Care

At Happy Daddy we only use all natural plant nutrients and take pride in complete plant care from seed to sale. All harvests are always hand trimmed and cured with care. 

Soil to Oil

Are you an OLCC Processor looking for top quality material?

Fire in = Fire out 

Let's work together!

Weekend Market
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