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  • What size is our garden?
    We are an OLCC Licensed Tier 1 indoor grow
  • When did Happy Daddy Products become Happy Daddy Garden?
    Happy Daddy Products was Established on August 2010 and trasitioned to Happy Daddy Garden on Dec 2019
  • What do we do with our B-buds?
    All flower you see on the shelves are only handtrimmed A-grade buds.All B-grade buds and other material are fresh frozen and processed within a month of every harvest. NEW Premium Prerolls COMING 2024!
  • What are some of our signature strains?
    Portland Diesel ( Chem D X Sour D X Fruity Pebbles) Captain Couch (Legend OG X Tropicanna Cookies) In house genetics Cherry Mintz (AK47 X Kush Mints 11) Check out HDG Fresh Drops Menu for complete collection of strains!
  • Handtrimmed or machine trimmed?
    Always handtrimmed
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